For seven years a light shined brightly on Maui.
A spirit was placed here to bring smiles and joy.
Her form was small but her presence was huge.
Everyone she met was greeted with a happy wagging tail.
And she especially loved children and they loved her.
No one was immune to a moment of joy while in her presence.
Although she often seemed timid she carried herself with confidence.
She expected attention and always reflected contagious happiness.
She was a princess, always seeking the tallest pillow and the softest bed.
She was feisty with an unending zest for life.
She loved walks, riding in cars and lying on the grass.
And mostly she loved being with people and sharing herself.
She shined so brightly and touched everyone in her presence
from the day she was born until the day her spirit left her precious body.
We have all been blessed by the miracle of JAVA